Zapier – the automation high-tech magic wand

You know how it is: You are electrified, bubbling with new ideas and you simply want to just focus on your core business? But first you have to deal with all kinds of monotonous routine work… We think, you as an infopreneur have more important things to do! This is why we have taken care of the automation of your routine workflow: from now on you can easily automate the data transfer and maintenance processes.

Welcome to your busy entrepreneurial life the innovative app Zapier. It automates your repetitive workflows by linking Digistore24 with your other apps such as Gmail and Google Sheets.

That’s how a zap-workflow works

This is how you benefit from connecting Zapier with your Digistore24 profile

  • Automation of time-consuming routine tasks
  • More time for your core business
  • Cut down on expenses for SaaS and web developers
  • Zapier’s basic functions are free of charge!
  • Maximum control over automated processes
  • Quick setup, easy operation

This is how you automate and optimize your routine workflow with Zapier

Learn how other infopreneurs benefit from Zapier in a smart way.

CASE STUDY: Integration of Google Sheets

GirlMaya is a fitness trainer. She produces online fitness classes for new moms who are too busy to go to a gym and want to get their bodies in shape at home. Maya knows everything about effective exercises and is truly passionate about fitness. What she is not passionate about, is tedious data maintenance. With just a few clicks she links Zapier with Digistore24 and integrates Google Sheets with Digistore24. Zapier will automatically transfer all new registrations into Maya’s Google Sheets table. Maya is always up-to-date about new registrations and can plan accordingly. She can now dedicate her time to her online course.

How does the integration of Google Sheets work?

1. A new order was just placed on Digistore24.

2. Zapier automatically creates a new line in the corresponding Google Sheets table and enters all order details                       which you have pre-selected.

What are the benefits of integrating Google Sheets?

  • The automatic data transfer of new customer orders provides you with an up-to-date overview at any time, no effort required.
  • You can specify which order details should be transferred and receive only relevant and structured data.

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CASE STUDY: Integration of Gmail

BoySteve utilized his extensive experience as an HR manager to take off as a career coach. The demand was so great, that he now passes on his expert knowledge in an online course. His customers are thrilled and post ardent reviews – a great tool for Steve to attract new customers. However, Steve is not a particularly gifted marketer. Therefore, it is essential for his success to be marketed by affiliates. With Zapier, Steve’s contacts to new affiliates are automatically managed. The link from Digistore24 with his Gmail account ensures that he is automatically notified by e-mail as soon as a new affiliate partner is approved. At the same time Zapier triggers a message to the new affiliate with all relevant information. The affiliates can get going immediately and Steve dedicates his time to his customers.

How does the integration of Gmail work?

1. A new affiliate partner was just approved by Digistore24.

2. Zapier sends an e-mail notification to Steve and simultaneously triggers an e-mail to the new affiliate.

What are the benefits of integrating Gmail?

  • With the automatic notifications, you are always up-to-date and don’t miss any opportunities.
  • New affiliates automatically receive all relevant information (e.g. your promolink) immediately after they have been approved.

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Discover how you can automate and optimize your workflow. Integrate Zapier in just a few clicks using our simple step-by-step guide.



Polina Katrikh

Senior Editor


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