The Multi-Functional Social Proof Bubble

How one feature can simultaneously build trust and create scarcity

You know how it is: You are looking at a particular product on the internet and are unsure whether to buy it or not. Then you see that person X has just purchased the same product. The Social Proof Bubble provides exactly this sort of notification

While your customers are viewing the sales page or the order form for your product, a small pop-up will appear at the bottom which looks something like this:

The Social Proof Bubble can play a crucial role in convincing customers who are not yet sure whether to actually buy your product.

It is the same concept as when you’re standing in a normal shop and another customer is buying the exact product you were looking at. What this means for you: If other customers also choose this product, then it must be a valuable one – and valuable products quickly become scarce because of their popularity. The Social Proof Bubble has precisely this effect on your customers!

Of course, it only displays genuine purchases that are recorded by our system and shown anonymously in the Bubble. Digistore24 takes care of all this for you after you’ve set up your personal Social Proof Bubble with us and connected it to your page. In this way, you not only have the freedom to choose between different designs; you can also go for a Social Proof Box as an alternative to the Bubble. The Social proof box is visible on your sales page all the time instead of disappearing after a short while. You will also be able to position it yourself freely.

With the Social Proof Bubble Feature, you increase your credibility as a vendor by showing that other customers have already purchased your product. That way, your customers can be sure that they are acquiring a popular product of high quality. At the same time, the Social Proof Bubble gives the impression of scarcity because popular products attract lots of customers.

Learn how fast and easy it is to integrate the Social Proof Bubble into your website in our detailed documentation.



Lars Rieger



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