How to optimize your order form

Make the buying process easier for your customers and optimize the conversion rate at the heart of Digistore24: the order form. We will tell you how to achieve this in this blog article by providing you with some practical tips.

You certainly know this feeling: you like a product, but the buying process frustrates you so much that you leave and begin looking at another competitor on the web. There are several reasons for this, the majority of which come down to a poorly designed order form.

Dropout reason number 1 is the design. You yourself know how much the first impression counts. If your order form is so confusing for your customer that they can’t find their way, you will lose them within seconds.

Dropout reason number 2 is a lack of clarity on the order form. This means you are leaving your customers in the dark. There is nothing worse than a buyer who doesn’t know which information to enter at the decisive moment.

We will show you how to avoid these two pitfalls in the buying process and how to optimize your order form by supplying some practical tips.

Our practical tips:

1. Create clarity
Make the design for your order form as simple as possible. Customers want to fill out easy-to-understand order forms and make a quick purchase. For this reason, spare their eyes and do without unnecessary elements. Take full advantage of the fact that you can customize the layout and basic design yourself when setting up the Digistore24 order form. Think carefully about which header image is appropriate for the order form. It’s also useful to look at the advanced header settings e.g. if you want to show the order status in your header.

2. Comprehensibility is the top priority
On the Digistore24 order form, your customer will find all the fields they need to fill out for a successful order – nothing more, nothing less. Even if you as a vendor can decide which fields to embed and which ones to leave out, do not overwhelm your customers with too much information. Instead, ensure that you customer can complete the order process as fast as possible. That’s the key to more conversions.

3. Don’t make me think
When designing your order form, do not forget that it’s all about your customers, so put yourself in their shoes. Look at everything closely and think about what you can optimize and where the difficulties may lie. The goal is to ensure that the customer asks no questions, that the next steps are crystal clear and that they can complete the purchase without thinking. Ask yourself: when you look at your order form, what is the likelihood that you would make the purchase immediately?

4. Do not neglect mobile buyers
You can choose between a classic and a responsive order form when creating your Digistore24 order form. We strongly recommend that you use the responsive order form, since every third customer now mainly does mobile shopping.

5. Use the tips and optimize constantly
All Digistore24 order forms are conversion-optimized. What does this mean? It means that they have all been tested in practice and are constantly adapted. However, that should not stop you from scrutinizing your own order forms. If you are just starting out and want to set up an order form, take a look at our step-by-step guide to help you.



Lars Rieger



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