Finally there: the new Digistore24 app

With our new app, we are keeping our promise to make Digistore24 accessible anytime, anywhere. New features, an improved design and increased usability enable you to have one thing above all else: more control over your online business. We’ll show you what the new app can do.

Let’s assume you’re out and about and want to know how the sale of your products is going. Or one of your employees calls you because they need your advice on a sales case. With our revamped Digistore24 app, you remain able to act in such situations.

What the app does for you:

1. You have access to all the important data about your business – anytime, anywhere

2. You get an overview of all your incoming payments in real time

3. You will be notified immediately via a push notification when a sale has taken place

4. You can easily switch between accounts

5. You can access the details of each transaction without difficulty

6. You can easily scan e-tickets

7. You navigate through an improved interface and quickly find what you need

Your online business under control

With the free Digistore24 app, you are always informed about your online business. You get an overview of all your revenue and transactions in real time. You can easily switch between the daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly views. Your gross and net revenue can be easily displayed in EUR, USD and CHF.

The sound of money: Incoming payments via push notifications

Some of you are already familiar with the Kaching song that plays once a product has been sold via Digistore24. Whether via a smartphone or a watch: you not only know immediately who has bought something from you and at what price, but you can also directly report back to your customer and, for example, directly organize an appointment for your premium coaching session.

Switch between numerous accounts

If you have numerous Digistore24 accounts, you can use the app to switch between your accounts in an uncomplicated way.

Access to transaction details

A customer calls you and has a question about their order? With the app, you have access to all transaction details directly on your smartphone. You can conveniently filter by order ID, product ID, product name, customer email, first and last name, payment method or currency. This way, you remain able to act – even in unexpected situations.

Scan e-tickets

The ticket scan is now much easier for event organizers. You or one of your employees with support access will scan all e-tickets directly on the app. Alternatively, you can manually verify an e-ticket. This means that you can keep track of your event and not lose any more time.

If you already know the Digistore24 App, it is time for an update. For all others, download the app here:



Lars Rieger



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