DigiCalls Part 3: Commission management made easy

You have a competent telephone sales team that is successful at selling? Now it is crucial to reward them according to their performance and set the right incentives. In the third part of our article series, you will learn how to manage commissions with little effort and at the same time dramatically increase motivation levels in your team.

 In sales it’s common for the income of the sales employees to depend heavily on the sales commission. Finding, implementing and continually improving the right commission model for your team is time-consuming. What’s more, the commission has a significant impact on your team’s performance.

Therefore, leave nothing to chance and automate your commission management with DigiCalls – Digistore24’s automated telephone ticket system.

Step three: Reward your team according to their performance and in an automated way

No matter what form of commissioning you choose, DigiCalls ensures payment according to your terms.

For example, you can give higher commissions to experienced telemarketers in your team than to beginners; or give each employee in your team the same commission per sale.

Do you want to purposefully promote team cooperation? Distribute a portion of each commission earned to the entire team in a fair way, rewarding jointly earned sales successes e.g. if your telephone support should be rewarded for its good preparatory work.

With DigiCalls, you can also deftly set sales incentives for the right products. Reward the sale of your premium product with a better commission than for standard sales, and involve your team in set-up fees, recurring payments or the reactivation of customers unwilling to pay – all this with just one click.

Last but not least, DigiCalls will be absolutely reliable in ensuring the fair and transparent payout to your sellers via Digistore24 – either fully automated or after prior approval by you or your most trusted employee. This also applies if your team is permanently employed by you. In this case, you can have the commissions that are due paid out as an exported list directly through your payroll department.

Create a Win-Win-Win situation

The benefits of DigiCalls are obvious: your customers profit from personal sales advice. You build up an effective sales team that will help your business generate more revenue in the high-price segment. Furthermore, your sales team can be paid for their performance with a variety of commission models without any effort at all and can concentrate on the essentials: the fun of selling and solving customer problems.

A short summary of all the benefits of DigiCalls:

Individualized calls tailored to the behavior of your customers

DigiCalls creates case-based telephone tickets e.g. sale, cancelation, tariff change or order form cancelation. This will allow your sellers to act in a more dynamic way, depending on the case.

Automated call planning

You automatically coordinate the calls of your team. DigiCalls can create time-delayed tickets e.g. three days after an order or five minutes after a cancelation. You do not maintain call lists and therefore the management effort is considerably reduced.

Fast and effective payment transactions over the phone

Your telemarketers can place orders with just a few clicks directly over the phone – if necessary via a short link which is easy to dictate. This also applies to tariff changes via upgrades and downgrades.

Automated commissions for sales over the phone

Your freelance sellers can automatically receive their commissions through a Digistore24 credit note – just like your affiliates and joint venture partners.

Affiliate marketing for telephone sales

Directly involved in the success, freelance telemarketers can generate revenue for multiple companies on a commission basis. This is how we are reinventing our affiliate marketing.



Lars Rieger



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