DigiCalls Part 1: Automate telephone sales

It’s time for your business to hire a sales team, but you’re scared of the cost involved? In our three-part article series, you will learn how to use our fully-automated telephone ticket system DigiCalls, which will enable you to build up a complete sales team, manage it and sell your premium products in a goal-oriented manner.

 As an online entrepreneur, you certainly won’t have just thought about your own sales team once. Especially if you’re selling high-priced products, it’s worth relying on telemarketers who convince your customers to make a purchase in a personal conversation.

There are many obstacles to achieving this dream:

1. A team of telemarketers is expensive, managing people is time-consuming and setting up a commission system is               very cumbersome.

2. Payments over the phone are hardly possible; they have to be processed via the internet afterwards.

3. In addition to good sellers, you need someone to analyze cancelation rates, interpret tariff changes or manage                   cancelations, and create call plans based on these.

What would happen if that which to date has been expensive, time-consuming and cumbersome now was possible?

Whether as an individual entrepreneur or as a CEO, DigiCalls now enables you to build your own sales team and manage it in a fully-automated manner – in three easy steps.

 Step one: Automate case recognition and call planning

 DigiCalls works in a trigger-based way. That means you decide which team member should receive which ticket after which case occurred (e.g. sale, cancelation, tariff change). Once set up, the system automatically takes care of the complete call planning – fully automated and adapted to the behavior of your customers. What does this mean in concrete terms?

For example, if a customer cancels the order process, one of your sales experts will automatically be assigned a ticket. Since they are well-informed and actively involved in the purchase decision moment, they can do what they like best, namely selling. The customer could receive a special offer and in this way still be convinced of making the purchase.

Let’s take the situation that one of your customers is cancelling their subscription. In this case, one of your customer happiness specialists will receive a ticket. With knowledge of the situation, they can inquire on the phone for reasons for the cancelation, get feedback on product satisfaction and reverse the cancelation by providing an improved offer.

By using trigger-based data, you’ll also immediately know the areas where you have bottlenecks in your team, and you’ll be able to hire new people who will immediately seize unused sales opportunities.

DigiCalls is your chance to sell the high-priced products in your funnel, retain customers before they are lost, retrieve undecided buyers or, simply put: do the best for your business.

You will learn the second step in the next article: how to process payments directly on the telephone and thereby significantly increase the completion rate



Lars Rieger



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