Customization of shipping costs

Attention all vendors of physical products such as books and food supplements!

To scale your business, it is important to go international. As we aim to support your scaling ambitions, we have developed a new feature to customize shipping costs. Learn how to minimize your risk and how to generate more profit.

How you benefit from customizing your shipping costs

Do you sell a physical product on Digistore24? From now on, you can show shipping costs separately from the sales price and adjust them according to the destination country. This provides you with several benefits:

  • Increased transparency for your customers and, as a result, increased trust in your business:
    Your customers can see all components of the product price.
  • Country-specific shipping costs:
    You can determine a specific shipping cost arrangement for each country of destination.
  • Proportional differentiation of the shipping costs:
    For tax purposes, the shipping costs are treated in the same way as the shipped products – books, magazines, audiobooks (on physical media only) and food supplements are taxed with only 7% sales tax instead of 19%. This also applies to the shipping price. For mixed orders, shipping costs are proportionately taxed at the respective tax rates.
  • Reduced risk and increased planning reliability lead to more profit:
    You no longer run the risk of miscalculating the flat-rate shipping costs and thus incurring losses.
  • You will be credited 100% of the shipping costs:
    Since the shipping price can now be shown separately from the sales price, you will receive the total amount of the shipping costs – your affiliates, joint venture partners or Digistore24 will not have any claims.

How you scale your business internationally and gain more planning security by customizing the shipping costs

Learn how other vendors of physical products benefit from our new feature in a smart way:


  • Andy is a nutrition scientist and publishes a lot about nutrition in professional journals. So far only other scientists have been reading his articles. Andy wants to pass on his knowledge to a broad target group. That’s why he wrote a book about the new ketosis diet. Since ketosis nutrition is a global trend, he published the book in different languages. Andy’s strategy is to use his expertise to build trust and to attract new clients for his private coaching and webinars. In order to reach as wide a group as possible, Andy offers his books for free and only charges the shipping costs. He uses the new feature to customize the shipping costs and transparently calculates the exact shipping price for the customers depending on the country of destination. This way, he builds trustful client relationships and at the same time avoids unnecessary losses resulting from shipping costs.


  • Monica also finds nutrition a very exciting topic. She is a wellness expert and unlike Andy, she is convinced that only a holistic diet can provide long-term and sustainable well-being. In addition to her webinars, Monica offers her customers subscription-based certified dietary food supplements. With the new feature for customized shipping costs, Monica not only ships her vitamin packages worldwide, but she also offers her customers the option to flexibly change the number of vitamin packs per shipment without interrupting the subscription cycle. You can read how this package change works in our example. Read in our documentation example how this packaging change works.

Customization of shipping costs removes significant obstacles on the strategic path of scaling and internationalization. Check out our practical step-by-step guide and open up new horizons for your business with just a few clicks.



Polina Katrikh

Senior Editor


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